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Metal Easel

Paul Brothers

Key Features

Portable Tripod Stand: The Isomars Metal Easel - Classic is a sturdy yet portable tripod stand that provides a stable and reliable support for your painting canvases and boards. It's an essential tool for artists seeking a versatile setup for their artwork.

Suitable for Artists of All Levels: This easel is suitable for fine art students, amateur artists, and professional painters alike. It accommodates a wide range of artistic needs, making it a valuable addition to any artist's toolkit.

Adjustable Height: The easel offers adjustable height, allowing you to customize the canvas or board position to your preferred working height. With an adjustable range of up to 60 inches (5 feet), it caters to various painting styles and preferences.

Perfect for Outdoor Painting: The easel is an excellent choice for outdoor painting sessions, allowing artists to capture the beauty of landscapes, gardens, and natural surroundings. 

Product Specifications
  • Easel Type: Metal Easel - Classic
  • Suitable For: Painting canvases and boards
  • Adjustable Height: Up to 60 inches (5 feet)

Whether you're working in your studio, exploring the outdoors, or showcasing your art, this easel ensures that your artistic vision is fully supported. Elevate your artistry with the Isomars Metal Easel - Classic and create your masterpieces with confidence.

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