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About Us

Our story began in New Delhi, the capital of India, in 1959 by our grandfather & father. He started the establishment with a solo product when he managed to develop Isomars technoart technical drawing pen & lettering stencils. Then began a fascinating journey, a humble attempt to develop fresh ideas and new products. This idea of constant evolution was instilled in the company by him and now we are a bunch of innovative individuals helping the creatives with a satisfying selection of stationery. At Isomars, we are constantly evolving and adding new products designed for artists. We appreciate your patronage, support and relationships so much so that we are trying to provide drawing aids for students, art supplies for everyone from beginners to enthusiasts, honouring our customers' expectations of beauty, quality and value.

Isomars takes pride in providing the finest drafting tools, art materials and thanks to the enthusiasm shown by our customers' community that we are still growing and evolving. We are developing fresh ideas and new products so that we can provide you with the right tool or material for whatever project you might be needing for.

Every like, every appreciation we receive seems like a feather in our cap and needless to say that we are so elated to see the growing: community online of amazing artists that we are currently supplying our products to various fashion designing institutes, engineering / architectural colleges, jewelry designing institutes and stores based in around 70 countries of the world including United States, South America, Europe, UK, UAE, Thailand, Africa, Australia etc.

Our main product range includes Drafting Tools and Art & Craft

supplies. We also have the facility to make the CUSTOMIZED items for the

customers under their own brand name, packaging etc.

Should you wish to contact us for any query / business negotiations. our contact details are provided at the back cover of this page. For more information and for viewing our newly added items please visit us at:,