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Lino Cutting Tools & Sheet Combo

Paul Brothers

Key Features

Versatile Lino Cutting Tools: The combo includes three unshouldered spade tools with wooden handles. These tools are approximately 11cm in length from the ferrule to the tip and are polished bright for precise and smooth carving.

Durable Construction: The ferrules of the tools are made of metal, ensuring their longevity and strength. The wooden handles provide a comfortable grip for extended carving sessions.

Traditional Lino Sheet: This lino sheet is soft and easy to carve, allowing for intricate and detailed designs. Its size is 10" x 12", providing ample space for your creative endeavors.

Product Specifications
  • Lino Cutting Tools Material: Metal (ferrule) and Wood (handle)
  • Lino Cutting Tools Length: Approximately 11cm
  • Lino Sheet Size: 10" x 12"

The Isomars Lino Cutting Tools & Lino Sheet Combo offers the precision and durability needed for your block printing and carving projects. Elevate your craft and bring your artistic visions to life with this exceptional combo. Order yours today and start creating stunning prints!

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