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Artists Brush Set- 7 Brushes with Holder

Paul Brothers

Key Features

High-Quality Brushes: Crafted with the finest hair and ergonomic wooden handles, these brushes offer exceptional quality and longevity.

Outstanding Liquid Holding Capacity: With the best liquid holding capacity in the market, these brushes excel in acrylic painting, oil media, watercolors, and face painting.

Brush Holder: The package comes complete with a practical brush holder. It accommodates both short and long handle brushes, making storage and organization a breeze. 

Product Specifications
  • Brush Material: High-quality bristles
  • Handle Material: Wooden
  • Brush Holder Material: Plastic
  • Brush Holder Dimensions: Outer Diameter - 70mm, Without Opening - 265mm, After Opening - 465mm

The Isomars Artists Brush Set is the key to unlocking your creative potential. Order now and discover how these brushes can make your artistic expressions truly shine.

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