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Art Curve PVC (Set of 4)

Paul Brothers

Key Features

High-Quality PVC: The Isomars Art Curve Set is crafted from high-quality white PVC material, known for its durability and resistance to wear and tear. This ensures that your curves maintain their shape and performance over time, even with frequent use.

Ideal for Fashion Designing & Tailoring: Whether you're a seasoned fashion designer or a budding tailor, these curves are designed to meet your specific needs. 

Both Side Markings: This dual-sided feature allows you to make precise measurements and create curves with confidence, regardless of your preferred measurement system.

Product Specifications

  • Set of 4 Curves: This set includes four different curved rulers, each designed to serve a specific purpose in fashion design and tailoring.

  • Material: High-quality white PVC, chosen for its durability and flexibility.

  • Both Side Markings: The curves are marked on both sides, ensuring accurate measurements and designs.

The Isomars Art Curve PVC Set of 4 offers an all-encompassing solution for fashion designers, tailors, and pattern makers. These versatile, durable, and dual-sided curved rulers enable you to bring your fashion concepts to life with precision and finesse. Upgrade your design and tailoring toolkit with this essential set.

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