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Wooden Artists Easel (18")

Paul Brothers

Key Features

Natural Pinewood: The Isomars Artist Easel is made from pinewood, emphasizing its commitment to environmental friendliness and artistry. 

Foldable Design: After use, the easel can be effortlessly folded, allowing for easy storage in a drawer or bag. This foldable design ensures that you can set up your creative space anywhere, from your studio to outdoor locations.

Versatile Usage: This 18" wooden easel is not limited to painting and artistic creations. It can also serve as a display for your artworks, making it suitable for exhibitions, events, and home décor. 

Product Specifications
  • Easel Material: Pinewood
  • Easel Size: 18"

The Isomars Wooden Artist Easel stands as a testament to the harmony between art and nature. Its aesthetic design and eco-friendly construction make it a unique and elegant choice for artists and creative individuals.

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