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Watercolour Pad Art Scholar A3

Paul Brothers

Key Features

Professional Quality: Designed for professionals, this watercolor pad exemplifies quality and performance. It's the ideal choice for artists who are serious about their craft and seek outstanding results.

Exceptional Paper: Each sheet is crafted with utmost precision to provide you with an exceptional surface for your watercolor artwork. The 165 GSM weight ensures that your creations are rich in color and texture.

Acid-Free: This watercolor pad is made with acid-free paper, which means your artwork will remain vibrant.

Non-Ageing: The paper is crafted to be non-ageing, ensuring that your artworks retain their original brilliance and beauty. 

Product Specifications
  • Size: A3 (297mm x 420mm)
  • Paper Weight: 165 GSM
  • Sheet Count: 10 Sheets

Whether you're a professional artist or an aspiring one, the Isomars Watercolor Pad Art Scholar A3 is designed to cater to your artistic ambitions. Each sheet of acid-free, coarse grain, non-ageing paper offers you a canvas on which to pour your creative soul. Get ready to experience the world of watercolors like never before and let your creativity flow freely.

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