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Thread Cutter & Tracing Wheel Combo

Paul Brothers

Key Features:

Slotted Perforations: The Isomars Tracing Wheel is designed to create slotted perforations in your fabric or paper, allowing for the easy marking of pleats, darts, buttonholes, notches, or placement lines for appliques.

Precision Markings: Mark your fabric or paper with confidence, thanks to the precision markings on this tracing wheel. It ensures accuracy in your sewing and crafting projects.

Super-Sharp Metal Blades: The Isomars Thread Cutter is equipped with super-sharp metal blades that efficiently and cleanly cut through various materials, including fishing line, fabric, and thread.

Spring-Action Jaws: The spring-action jaws make using the thread cutter effortless, providing ease of use and smooth cutting motions.

Product Specifications:
  • Tracing Wheel: Designed for creating slotted perforations and marked with precision measurements.
  • Thread Cutter: Equipped with super-sharp metal blades, corrosion-resistant enamel finish, and spring-action jaws for ease of use.

These tools simplify the process of cutting and marking fabric and paper, ensuring precision and efficiency in your creative projects. Whether you're sewing, crafting, or tackling DIY tasks, this combo provides the accuracy and convenience you need to excel in your endeavors.

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