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Technoart Technical Drawing Pen Ink- Yellow and Lemon Yellow Combo

Paul Brothers

Key Features:

Effortless Flow and Opacity: This ink boasts an easy-flowing consistency combined with high opacity, ensuring your lines are crisp, clear, and vivid. It's the ideal medium for creating intricate technical drawings with absolute precision.

Versatile Compatibility: Suitable for tracing paper, vellum, drawing paper, and line board, this ink provides you with the versatility to choose the perfect canvas for your creative vision. Architects, engineers, graphic designers, and artists alike can all benefit from its exceptional performance.

Timeless Quality for Reproduction: Your creative work deserves to be preserved immaculately. This ink is lightfast, ensuring your drawings maintain their brilliance over time. It's also suitable for all forms of reproduction, guaranteeing the integrity of your work through every copy.

High Color Purity and Mixability: Immerse yourself in a world of rich and pure colors. This ink offers color purity that captures every detail of your artistic vision. Mix these colored inks to create custom shades, expanding your creative possibilities.

Quantity and Professional Grade: Each bottle contains a generous 25 ml of premium ink, offering ample supply for your creative projects. Please note that this ink is not suitable for tattoo usage, but it's perfect for any other artistic endeavor.

Product Specifications:

  • Quantity: 25ml
  • Ink has high colour purity
  • Coloured inks can be mixed with one another
  • Not Suitable for tattoo usage
  • The ink has good adhesion and is waterproof

Elevate your technical drawings and artistic creations with Isomars Technoart Technical Drawing Pen Ink. It's more than just ink; it's a testament to your commitment to precision and quality in your work. Order your bottle today and experience the difference that high-quality ink makes in your creations.


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