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Technoart Technical Drawing Pen Ink Combo (Set of 5)

Paul Brothers

Key Feature:

Diverse Colors for Artistic Versatility: With this ink combo, you're not limited to just one color. Explore a palette of five striking hues that allow you to add depth, dimension, and creativity to your technical drawings. From the seriousness of black to the vibrancy of red, your options are limitless.

Uncompromising Adhesion: Achieve impeccable results with ink that boasts superior adhesion. Your lines and details will adhere flawlessly to paper, board, and other surfaces, ensuring that your technical drawings are nothing short of perfection.

Waterproof Reliability: Don't let the fear of smudging hold you back. The Isomars Technical Drawing Pen Inks are waterproof, offering you the confidence that your work remains pristine and intact, even in challenging conditions.

Perfect for Precision: These inks are tailored for the discerning artist or drafter. Whether you're an architect, engineer, or graphic designer, this combo provides the precision and quality you need for your detailed technical drawings.

Product Specifications:

  • Set of Five Technical Drawing Pen Inks
  • Colors: Red, Blue, Green, Brown, Black
  • Superior Adhesion for Flawless Lines
  • Waterproof to Protect Your Work
  • Ideal for Architects, Engineers, Graphic Designers, and Artists

Elevate your technical drawings with the Isomars Technoart Technical Drawing Pen Ink Combo. It's the perfect blend of precision, versatility, and reliability, allowing you to achieve unparalleled results in your technical and artistic work. Order your combo today and experience the difference that high-quality inks make in your creations. 

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