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Technical Set Squares, Semi-protractor & Scale

Paul Brothers

Key Features:

Versatile Set Squares: This set includes four technical set squares of varying sizes: two 10-inch and two 12-inch professional triangles. These set squares are designed to work in conjunction with a straightedge or drawing board, enabling you to draw precise angles and lines effortlessly.

Semi-Protractor - 6" (180° Degree): The semi-protractor included in this set is a versatile tool for measuring and drawing angles up to 180 degrees. Its clear plastic construction allows you to maintain visibility while working on intricate technical drawings.

12 Inch Scale: The 12-inch scale, made of clear plastic, provides accurate measurements and scale references for your drawings. It's an essential tool for ensuring that your designs adhere to precise dimensions.

Bevel Edge with Protractor: Both the 10-inch and 12-inch set squares feature bevel edges with protractors, allowing you to create precise angles and measurements with ease. These markings are present on both sides of the set squares, providing flexibility in your drawing process.

Product Specifications:

  • Set Squares: Two 10-inch and two 12-inch professional triangles
  • Semi-Protractor: 6" (180° Degree)
  • 12 Inch Scale: Clear plastic
  • Set Square Sizes: 25cm/10" - 45 degrees and 30cm/12" - 60 degrees
  • Thickness: 2.5 mm
  • Markings: Present on both sides in centimeters and inches

The Isomars Technical Set Squares, Semi-Protractor, and 12 Inch Scale Set are your essential tools for achieving technical precision in your drawings and designs. Whether you're an architect, engineer, or draftsman, this set equips you with the instruments needed to create meticulous and accurate technical illustrations. Order your set today and experience the difference it makes in your technical drawing endeavors. With Isomars, precision is always within reach.

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