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Technical Set Squares Combo

Paul Brothers

Key Features:

Complete Drafting Set: The Isomars Technical Set Squares Combo offers a comprehensive solution for drafters, engineers, and students. It includes a set of 5 professional triangles with sizes of 10" and 12", a 12" scale, a ProCircle, and a 2mm mechanical pencil with an eraser. 

Professional Quality: They are used in conjunction with a straightedge or drawing board to ensure the accurate representation of angles, making them ideal for technical drawings, architectural plans, and engineering designs.

Bevel Edge and Non-Slip Grip: The set squares feature a bevel edge that enhances their versatility. This design allows you to create and measure various angles with ease. 

Dual Markings: The set squares come with markings on both sides, displaying measurements in centimeters and inches. This double-sided feature simplifies your work and enhances precision.

Product Specifications
  • Set Square Sizes: 10" and 12"
  • Scale Size: 12"
  • Mechanical Pencil Lead Size: 2mm
  • Material: Clear plastic
  • Markings: Centimeters and inches on both sides

With dual markings in centimeters and inches, non-slip grip, and professional-quality tools, this combo ensures you have the right equipment to produce accurate and professional technical drawings, sketches, and designs.

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