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Technical Drawing Templates (Set of 4) - with French Curves

Paul Brothers

Key Features:

Jewelry Design: The jewelry designing template enables precision in crafting intricate jewelry pieces. It provides a variety of symbols and shapes essential for jewelry design.

Geometrical Shapes: The geometrical shapes template is a must-have for engineers, mathematicians, and students.

Transparent and Precise: Crafted from transparent orange plastic, all components in this set offer high transparency, allowing easy alignment and precise positioning over your drawing medium.

Product Specifications:
  • Set Includes: Four templates (Jewelry Design, Geometrical Shapes, Ellipse Shapes, and one additional template) and three French curves
  • Material: Transparent plastic 
  • Color: Vibrant orange for easy visibility
  • Durability: Fragile and rigid
Whether you're designing jewelry, creating technical drawings, or producing artistic projects, this set offers the essential tools required for precision and accuracy.

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