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Tailoring Tools

Paul Brothers

Key Features

Water Erasable Fabric Marker Pen: The water erasable fabric marker pen is a versatile tool perfect for fashion designing. You can confidently mark fabric without the worry of leaving permanent marks. 

Tracing Wheel: It's ideal for transferring patterns, markings, or design elements onto fabric. This tool ensures precise and accurate results, essential for creating professional-quality garments.

Seam Ripper: The seam ripper is an indispensable tool for every tailor and fashion designer. It has a robust steel point for effortlessly removing unwanted stitches.

Product Specifications
  • Tool Set: Includes Water Erasable Fabric Marker Pen, Tracing Wheel, Seam Ripper
  • Marker Type: Water Erasable
  • Material: Steel (Tracing Wheel, Seam Ripper), Plastic (Handles)
  • Application: Tailoring, Fashion Designing, Garment Alterations

The Isomars Tailoring Tools set is a must-have for any tailor, seamstress, or fashion designer. It simplifies the process of marking fabric, transferring patterns, and seam removal. 

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