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Tailoring Scale (Set of 5)

Paul Brothers

Key Features

Set of Five Rulers: The Isomars Tailoring Scale Set includes five meticulously designed rulers, each serving a unique purpose. From crafting the perfect armhole to contouring the hip and leg curves, this set covers all your tailoring and fashion designing needs.

Versatile Application: These rulers are versatile tools that find applications in various areas of fashion design, tailoring, and pattern making. Explore your creativity with the confidence that these rulers offer.

High-Quality Material: Crafted from high-quality materials, Isomars Tailoring Scales are built to withstand frequent use and maintain their shape and accuracy over time. They are reliable, durable, and designed to be long-lasting additions to your tailoring toolkit.

Product Specifications

  • Set of Five Tailoring Rulers: Each ruler serves a specific purpose, including L-Scale, Hip Curve, Leg Curve, Arm Curve, and Straight Scale.

  • Material: High-quality and durable plastic.

  • Application: Ideal for fashion design, tailoring, pattern making, and various creative projects that require precise measurements and curves.

The Isomars Tailoring Scale Set of 5 is an essential companion for any tailor, fashion designer, or creative enthusiast. With these precision rulers, you can achieve flawless patterns, designs, and measurements, ensuring that your creations are a cut above the rest. 

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