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Stencil Brush (Set of 3)

Paul Brothers

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Key Features

Three Different Sizes: This set includes three round stencil brushes with distinct brush head sizes to cater to various stenciling needs. You'll receive a Small (No. 2 / 8 mm), a Medium (No. 4 / 10 mm), and a Large (No. 8 / 15 mm) brush.

Wooden Handles: Each brush features a durable wooden handle that provides a comfortable grip and ensures lasting durability. The wooden handles are easy to control, making your stenciling process more precise and enjoyable.

Product Specifications
  • Brush Sizes: Small (No. 2 / 8 mm), Medium (No. 4 / 10 mm), Large (No. 8 / 15 mm)
  • Brush Shape: Round
  • Handle Material: Wood

With three different sizes, you'll have the flexibility to tackle various stencil designs with ease. The wooden handles are both ergonomic and durable, ensuring a comfortable and long-lasting performance.

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