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Sketch Pad A3

Paul Brothers

Key Features

Versatile Compatibility: The Isomars Sketch Pad A3 is a true multi-medium paper, accommodating a wide range of art supplies. Whether you prefer pencils, chalk, graphite, crayons, ink, or light watercolors, this pad is designed to support your artistic versatility.

Generous Sheet Count: Each pad comes with a generous offering of 40 sheets. These pages offer ample room for your creative expressions, from quick sketches to detailed illustrations, making it perfect for artists with prolific creativity.

Acid-Free Brilliance: The sketch pad consists of acid-free sheets, ensuring the preservation of your work over time. Your creations will remain vibrant, free from yellowing or deterioration, for years to come.

Product Specifications
  • Paper Type: Sketch Paper
  • Sheet Size: A3 (297mm x 420mm)
  • Sheet Count: 40 sheets per pad
  • Acid-Free: Yes

Whether you're a professional artist, a writer seeking a visual canvas, or an illustrator bringing stories to life, this sketch pad is your ideal companion. Elevate your creative process with the Isomars Sketch Pad A3 and watch your visions come to life with every stroke.

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