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Sewing Combo

Paul Brothers

Key Features

Tracing Wheel: This tracing wheel is designed to effortlessly transfer markings and patterns onto your fabric. Use it to create pleats, darts, buttonholes, notches, or placement lines for appliques. This tool ensures your sewing and crafting projects maintain accuracy and consistency.

Seam Ripper: Seam rippers are indispensable when it comes to correcting sewing mistakes. Isomars includes a small, handy seam ripper in this combo, complete with a protective plastic cover. 

Measuring Tape: It provides the precision and flexibility you need to measure fabrics, patterns, and garments accurately. Its clear and easy-to-read markings make it a valuable addition to your sewing toolkit.

Product Specifications

  • Tracing Wheel: This sewing tool also makes slotted perforations
  • Measuring Tape: 60" Inch Long
  • Seam Ripper are meant for opening stitches

involved in sewing, crafting, or fabric work. Whether you're transferring patterns, correcting stitches, or measuring fabrics, this combo has you covered. Upgrade your sewing toolkit with these high-quality essentials from Isomars.

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