Isomars Set Square 10" x 12", Pro Circle, Detachable T Square 24",Semi Circular Protractor Combo

Paul Brothers

1. T- Square Detachable 24" is a T shaped tool used to draw parallel lines and right angles. It is a clear acrylic scale with opaque plastic detachable head . Has both side markings (mm/inch) 2. Set Squares Drafting Rulers are combination of 10" and 12" professional triangles made of clear plastic . Set Squares are used in conjunction with straightedge of drawing board to draw accurate angles.With Protractor. 25cm/10"- 45 degrees 30cm/12"-60 degrees Thickness - 2.5 mm Markings on both side in mm/inch. 3. Pro Circle and Semi Circular protractor are made of high quality plastic

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