Isomars Sand Paper Erasing Shield & Paper Stumps Set of 6

Paul Brothers

  • Isomars Sand Paper & Paper Stumps Combo includes Sand Paper and Paper Stumps .
  • The stumps are excellent for blending and smoothing pastels, charcoals, graphite or any other dry media.
  • Can be used to smoothly blend shaded areas, soften lines and mix colors without using your fingers.
  • Can be easily sharpened with a sanding block or a pencil knife.
  •  Sandpaper pencil pointer for sketch drawing.
  • Erasing Shield is made of stainless steel.
  • Small size for easy transport and manipulation.
  • Flexible metal will contour to any shape needed.
  • Ideally suited for use with Auto Eraser (19060) but works equally well with any eraser type.
  • Has rounded corners for safety. Has around more than 20 apertures to mask for exact erasure of lines, dots.

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