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Round Paint Brush (Set of 7) with Painting Knives

Paul Brothers

Key Features

Optimal Liquid Holding Capacity: The Isomars Artist Paint Brushes are celebrated for their exceptional liquid holding capacity. This ensures that you can work seamlessly with various painting media, consistently delivering an even coat of paint wash after wash.

Round Pointed Head Brushes: The round pointed head brushes are perfect for fine details, delicate areas, spotting, retouching, and intricate lines.

Quality Wooden Handles: The painting knives feature quality wooden handles that offer a comfortable grip and good blade elasticity. This combination of flexibility and durability makes them suitable for a wide range of artistic techniques.

Product Specifications

Set Includes: 7 paint brushes
Brush Hair Material: Synthetic bristles
Handle Material: Wooden
Bristle Shape: Round pointed head

Whether you're working on fine details or broad strokes, this set ensures that your artistic journey is smooth, consistent, and rewarding. Elevate your artistry with the Isomars Round Paint Brush Set and Painting Knives.

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