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Rolling Ruler & Spencerian Ruler Combo

Paul Brothers

Key Features

Complete Measuring Solution: This combo includes both the Spencerian ruler and the Rolling ruler, saving you the hassle of buying these measuring tools separately.

Calligraphy Perfection: The Spencerian ruler is specifically tailored for calligraphy and writing. It allows you to create slant lines with ease, making your calligraphic work neat and consistent.

Enhanced Accuracy: Achieve superior accuracy in your projects, be it calligraphy, architectural drawings, artwork, or technical sketches. 

Product Specifications
  • Combo Includes: Spencerian Ruler, Rolling Ruler
  • Suitable for: Calligraphers, Artists, Architects, Engineers, Drafters, Students, and More
  • Quality: High-quality, durable materials for long-lasting use

Whether you're perfecting your calligraphy, creating stunning artworks, or working on complex architectural drawings, this combo ensures your projects reach new levels of excellence. Invest in this combo today and enjoy the benefits of superior measuring and drawing tools.

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