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Quilting Rectangle Ruler

Paul Brothers

Key Features

Easy-to-Read Markings: The Isomars Quilting Rectangle Ruler features clear black and white markings printed on a 1-inch grid. These markings are precise and easy to read, allowing you to measure and cut with confidence.

Whole Inches and Seam Allowances: Use the 1/4-inch grip side and the easy-to-read numbers to cut whole inches and trim seam allowances accurately. 

45-Degree Angle for Triangles: The Isomars Quilting Rectangle Ruler includes a white 45-degree angle to trim half-square triangles in whole-inch increments.

Product Specifications
  • Ruler Type: Quilting Rectangle Ruler
  • Grid Size: 1-inch with 1/8-inch and 1/4-inch increments

With its easy-to-read markings, precise grid, and versatile angles, you can achieve perfect measurements, cuts, and trims for your quilting and sewing projects. Whether you're a seasoned quilter or a beginner, this ruler will make your work easier and more accurate. Trust in Isomars for quality and innovation in your crafting endeavors.

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