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Platinum Round Brush (Set of 7)

Paul Brothers

Key Features

Optimal Liquid Holding Capacity: This key feature ensures that you can work effortlessly with different painting media, delivering an even coat of paint with every stroke.

Fine, Natural-Looking Synthetic Bristles: These artist paint brushes feature fine, natural-looking synthetic bristles that provide an excellent alternative to traditional brushes. 

Multi-Media Versatility: They consistently deliver quality results across a range of painting media, ensuring your creative expression remains unimpeded.

Product Specifications
  • Brush Set: Platinum Round Brush Set
  • Set Includes: Brushes No. 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12
  • Hair Material: Synthetic (Teklon)
  • Handle Material: Wooden
  • Shape: Round

Their versatility, durability, and elegant design make them a valuable addition to any artist's collection. Elevate your artistry and enjoy the consistency and quality of the Isomars Platinum Round Brush Set.

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