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Plastic Vintage Oblique Holder with Straight Holder

Paul Brothers

Key Features:

Universal Compatibility: These holders are compatible with a wide variety of calligraphy nibs, excluding mapping nibs, allowing you to explore various calligraphic styles and techniques.
Enhanced Creativity: With these holders, you can effortlessly create beautiful writing and decorative designs, providing a canvas for your imagination to flourish.
Ideal for Calligraphy Enthusiasts: Whether you're a seasoned calligrapher or just beginning your calligraphy journey, these holders are perfect for those who appreciate the art of beautiful writing.

Product Specifications:
  • Plastic (Vintage Oblique Holder & Straight Holder)
  • Compatible with a Wide Variety of Calligraphy Nibs (Excluding Mapping Nibs)
  • 3 Arabic Nibs, 1 Flex Nib

    Discover the joy of calligraphy and creative expression with the Isomars Plastic Vintage Oblique Holder & Straight Holder set. Whether you're creating elegant scripts, decorative artwork, or personalized messages, these versatile tools provide you with the means to craft with precision and artistic flair.

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