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Plastic Vintage Holder Set (Oblique & Straight)

Paul Brothers

Key Features:

Two Holder Types: This set includes both an Oblique Plastic Holder and a Straight Holder, providing options to suit your preferred calligraphy style and techniques.

Ink and Nib Not Included: The holders come without ink and nib, allowing you to choose your preferred materials and customize your calligraphy experience.

Ideal for Calligraphy Enthusiasts: Designed for calligraphy pen users, these holders are perfect for artists, calligraphers, and anyone who enjoys the art of beautiful writing.

Product Specifications:

  • Holder Types: Oblique Plastic Holder and Straight Holder
  • Nib Compatibility: Compatible with a wide variety of calligraphy nibs (except mapping nibs)
  • Ink and Nib: This set includes holders only and does not include ink or nibs, giving you the flexibility to choose your preferred materials.

Elevate your calligraphy and artistic endeavors with the Isomars Oblique Plastic Holder and Straight Holder set. These versatile tools provide the control and precision you need to create beautiful writing and decorative designs.

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