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Plastic Painting Knife (Set of 5)

Paul Brothers

Key Features

Assorted Knife Shapes: The Isomars Plastic Painting Knife Set includes 5 knives, featuring 3 cranked handle knives and 2 flat knives. This assortment ensures that you have the right tool for various painting and palette knife techniques.

Strong and Flexible Construction: These knives are crafted from a strong and flexible, stain-resistant plastic. This construction provides the durability needed for art projects while offering flexibility for different artistic applications.

Texture and Body for Paints: These knives are ideal for adding texture and body to both acrylic and oil paints. They allow artists to create a range of effects, from impasto and layering to scraping and blending, enhancing the visual depth of their artwork.

Durable and Easy to Clean: The Isomars Plastic Painting Knife Set is designed to be durable, ensuring that they withstand the demands of artistic projects. Additionally, cleaning these knives is a breeze, making maintenance convenient and hassle-free.

Product Specifications
  • Set Type: Plastic Painting Knife Set
  • Set Includes: 5 assorted knives (3 cranked handles and 2 flat)
  • Knife Material: Stain-resistant plastic
  • Usage: Ideal for adding texture and body to acrylic and oil paints

Whether you're an acrylic artist seeking to add depth to your abstract creations or an oil painter looking to achieve impasto effects, this set provides the tools needed to bring your artistic visions to life. With its durability, flexibility, and convenience of cleaning, these knives empower artists to explore new dimensions in their artwork.

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