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Pencil Wrap Case with Drawing & Sketching Tools

Paul Brothers

Key Features

Durable Pencil Wrap Case: The tough canvas with a leather look not only adds a touch of elegance but ensures your valuable pencils are protected during transport. 

Easy Access: No more rummaging through disorganized pencil cases; everything is at your fingertips when you need it.

Complete Set of Drawing & Sketching Tools: This kit includes essential tools to enhance your drawing and sketching experience.

The components include:

  • 1 Sand Paper: Perfect for fine-tuning and sharpening pencil tips.
  • 2 Pencil Extenders: Extend the life of your pencils and get every last bit of use from them.
  • 1 Cutter: Ideal for precise cuts and shaping.
  • 6 Paper Stumps: Essential for blending, shading, and achieving smooth transitions.
  • 1 Kneadable Eraser: The versatile eraser for lifting, highlighting, and creating unique textures.

Whether you're a beginner exploring the world of drawing or a seasoned professional seeking a well-rounded toolset, this kit has it all. With its premium-quality components, your artistic endeavors are in good hands.

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