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Pencil Extender

Paul Brothers

Key Features

Dual-Sided Convenience: The Isomars Pencil Extender features a dual-sided design, allowing you to use it with both standard and colored pencils. No need to worry about compatibility; this extender has you covered.

Prolong Pencil Life: When your pencil becomes too short to comfortably hold or use effectively, simply insert it into this handy tool. The extender provides the perfect grip and control, allowing you to continue using your pencils until they're completely worn down.

Product Specifications
  • Type: Dual-Sided Pencil Extender
  • Compatibility: Suitable for Standard and Colored Pencils

This versatile and practical Pencil Extender from Isomars ensures that your pencils are put to full use, helping you avoid waste and maximize your artistic potential. It's the ideal companion for artists, designers, students, and anyone who loves to sketch, draw, or color. With the Isomars Pencil Extender, your creativity knows no bounds.

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