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Isomars Paper Stumps Set of 6 with Charcoal & Pencil Extender

Paul Brothers

1.Isomars Paper Stumps are excellent for blending and smoothing pastels, charcoals, graphite or any other dry media. Can be used to smoothly blend shaded areas, soften lines and mix colors without using your fingers. Can be easily sharpened with a sanding block or a pencil knife. 2. Charcoal pencil is made with compressed charcoal for rich, dark effects and precise, consistent strokes. Ideal for drawing, sketching and smudging with a paper stump. When sharpened to a fine point, they are perfect for fine detail work at the later stages of a drawing. 3.Two Sided Pencil Extender. When your pencil becomes too short to hold, just insert it into this handy tool and carry on using it. 4. Willow Charcoal Box contains very fine charcoal. Has smooth mark, deep black hue and uniform texture. Contains around 20 - 25 sticks. Can be used alone or with other drawing media. May be smudged and blended with fingertips or a paper stump. Suitable for all levels of artistic levels. Spray finished work with fixative to avoid smudging, or use tissue paper as a divider when storing art work.

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