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Paper Stumps (Set Of 6)

Paul Brothers

Key Features

Precise Blending: Isomars Paper Stumps are specially designed to excel at blending and smoothing various dry media, including pastels, charcoals, graphite, and more. 

Clean and Smudge-Free: With these paper stumps, you can smoothly blend shaded areas, soften harsh lines, and mix colors with utmost cleanliness. 

Easy Sharpening: These paper stumps are not only versatile but also long-lasting. When they become worn or dull after extended use, you can easily sharpen them to a fine point using a sanding block or a pencil knife. 

Product Specifications
  • Contents: Set of 6 Isomars Paper Stumps
  • Material: High-quality paper for precise blending
  • Length: Standard size for comfortable handling

Whether you're a seasoned artist or just starting your creative journey, Isomars Paper Stumps are an invaluable asset for enhancing your artwork. Upgrade your blending and shading techniques today – add this set to your collection and experience the difference in your creative projects.

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