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Painting Knives (Set of 5)

Paul Brothers

Key Features

Set of 5 Painting Knives: This set includes five painting knives, each designed for a specific purpose, providing you with a wide range of artistic choices.

Super-Thin Blades: The super-thin blades of these knives enable fine and intricate work, allowing you to express your creativity in detail.

Flexible and Durable: The knives are both flexible and durable, ensuring that they can withstand the demands of artists at all levels.

Product Specifications
  • Blade Types: Various blade shapes for different artistic applications
  • Blade Material: Durable and flexible
  • Ideal for: Artists, amateurs, and professionals

These knives are perfect for mixing colors, applying paint, and sculpting textures in your artwork. Their super-thin blades provide you with the precision needed for fine details, while their flexibility ensures they remain resilient even under heavy use.

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