Isomars Multipurpose Curve, Gridding Scale, Quilting Ruler & Armhole Curve with Marking Combo

Paul Brothers

Isomars Multipurpose Curve , Dimensions: 36x19x0.3cm - 14x7.5" Garment Dressmaking Curve. Good Quality Pattern Ruler Washable, Gridding Scale - Gridding Scale - 18" Made of clear plastic . Dimensions - 450 x 50 x 3 mm. one side marking in cm and other side in inches. ideal for designers and fashion students . Armhole Curve - Premium quality Armhole curve for tailoring fashion designing sewing boutique. Isomars Garment Patchwork Quilting Ruler 6" x 12" is made from clear acrylic. Dimensions - 6" x 12''; Markings in inches. Best for drawing arm holes neck line and drafting patterns designing garments

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