Isomars Morn-Sun Cutting A2 Mat Size - 17.5x23.5 With Free 18MM Blade Cutter


  • Comes with a 18mm Blade Cutter for free (Random Colour).
  • Professional quality, heavy duty 5 layer self healing cutting mat. Mat Size: 23.5x17.5 Inch. Innovated materials which provide self-healing after cutting. Reversible, Durable & Economical.
  • Includes cutting mat - A2, a special non-slip surface for cutting paper, card and other materials without damaging surfaces. It is made of durable PVC that gives maximum protection from sharp cutting blades, art & craft tools etc.
  • Double-sided mats give greater flexibility and twice the useful lifetime of single sided mats. Large easy to read numbers along with flat surface which allows writing with pencil/ball pen on top.
  • Great for quilting, sewing, etc.
  • The quality of this cutting mat protects work surfaces and extends blade life for cutter and knives. The marked patterns and grids help in easier measurements for cutting and can also be used as a guide when drawing
  • Special slip-resistant, non-reflective surface perfect for quilting, crafting, cutting paper, card and other materials. Tough PVC material. Environmental Friendly. Fully Recyclable.

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