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Mini Drafter with Sheet Container

Paul Brothers

Key Features:

  1. Steel Rod Metal Frame Unbreakable Scale: The mini drafter boasts a sturdy steel rod and an unbreakable scale, ensuring durability and accuracy in every stroke.

  2. Heavy Canvas Cover: Included for safety, the heavy canvas cover protects your mini drafter, extending its lifespan.

  3. Expandable Sheet Container: The accompanying sheet container is fully expandable, allowing you to adjust its size as per your specific requirements. With a 7 cm OD, it extends to 70 cm after opening, providing ample space for your blueprints, documents, artwork, and more.

  4. Portable Poster Tube: The kit includes a poster tube made with heavy-duty material, adding portability to your drafting tools. This tube ensures the safe transport of your essential documents, making it ideal for being on the road.

Perfect for carrying blueprints, documents, artwork, drawings, photo prints, maps, and everything else you need, this combo is designed to meet the demands of professionals who prioritize precision and portability.

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