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Metric Fashion Design Ruler 101

Paul Brothers

Key Features:

Fashion Ruler: Designed specifically for fashion design and garment drafting, this ruler includes a range of essential measurements and features to streamline your design process.

Precision Measurements: The ruler measures 50 x 5 cm, providing accurate and consistent measurements for your fashion projects. It includes a variety of markings and scales to assist in creating patterns, curves, and lines with ease.

Clear Acrylic: Constructed from clear acrylic, this ruler offers clarity and visibility when working on your designs. Its transparent surface allows you to see your work beneath the ruler for precise positioning.

Product Specifications:

Product Type: Fashion Design Ruler
Dimensions: 50 x 5 cm
Material: Clear Acrylic
Washable: Yes

The Isomars Metric Fashion Design Ruler 101 is a trusted companion for fashion designers and creative individuals who value accuracy and professionalism in their work. Whether you're sketching patterns, designing clothing, or tailoring garments, this ruler will become an indispensable part of your creative process.

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