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Metric Circle Shapes Template

Paul Brothers

Key Features

Diverse Circle Symbols: This drafting template stencil features a wide range of circle symbols and shapes, making it an essential tool for architects, designers, and drafters. From 1mm to 36mm, it provides the perfect circle for every need.

Transparency for Precision: Crafted from transparent, orange plastic, this template boasts a high rate of transparency. This feature enables designers to effortlessly align and position their designs over their medium, ensuring precision in every project.

Product Specifications
  • Dimensions: 270mm x 140mm x 1.2mm
  • Material: High-quality transparent plastic
  • Color: Vibrant orange
  • Weight: Lightweight and easy to handle

The Isomars Metric Circle Shapes Template is a versatile and essential tool for architects, designers, and drafters who demand precision and consistency in their work. Its array of circle symbols, high transparency, and professional-grade quality ensure that your designs are accurate and visually striking.

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