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Medium & Large Brush Pen (Set of 2)

Paul Brothers

Key Features:

Two Brush Pens: The set includes two brush pens, each featuring nylon brush tips and refillable reservoirs, ensuring a consistent and customizable flow of ink.
Medium and Large Sizes: Explore different brush sizes to suit your artistic needs: Medium (1.6cm hair length) and Large (1.7cm hair length).
Fine Tips and Round Brushes: These brush pens offer versatility with fine tips for intricate details and round brushes for broader strokes, catering to both precision work and broader artistic layouts.
Long-Wear and Color Control: Enjoy long-lasting performance and excellent color control with every brush stroke. The filaments hold color effectively, releasing ink smoothly and evenly.

Product Specifications:

Brush Tip Material: Nylon
Brush Sizes: Medium (1.6cm hair length) and Large (1.7cm hair length)
Tip Types: Fine tips for details and round brushes for layouts
Ink Refillable: Yes, with refillable reservoirs

Unleash your creativity with the Isomars Medium & Large Brush Pen Set of 2. Whether you're working on intricate details or bold, expressive strokes, these brush pens empower you to achieve your artistic vision with precision and vibrancy.

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