Isomars Marine Combo

Paul Brothers

  • Isomars Marine Combo Contains
  • Marine/Nautical Parallel Bar- 21" Inches - Professional is precision molded for accurate straight line plotting.
  • Its completely transparent clear optical finish allows for exact plotting.
  • Material Acrylic Colour- Clear Dimensions - 525X5 MM
  •  Marine/ Nautical divider is a traditionally designed 22 cm single handed divider for accurate navigational plotting.
  • The straight pattern navigational dividers are made with brass.
  • Marine / Nautical Compass is a lightweight, brass compass and is an ideal navigation tool for all applications.
  • One leg of the compass has a fixed point.
  • The other is fitted with a replaceable pencil lead.
  • Size : 22 cm Material : Brass *Lead sharpner. *Extra led

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