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Lino Cutting Tool Set

Paul Brothers

Key Features

Three Unshouldered Spade Tools: This set includes three spade tools, each measuring approximately 11cm from the ferrule to the tip of the tool. 

Polished Bright Finish: The tools feature a polished bright finish, which not only enhances their aesthetic appeal but also aids in smooth, effortless carving. 

Wooden Handles: The tools are equipped with wooden handles that provide a comfortable grip and exceptional control.

Product Specifications

  • Tool Length: Approximately 11cm
  • Ferrule Material: Metal
  • Handle Material: Wood
  • Ideal For: Lino Cutting, Wood Block Cutting, Light Woodcarving

The Isomars Lino Cutting Tool Set is designed for artists who demand precision and excellence in their work. Whether you're crafting linocuts, relief prints, or intricate woodcarvings, this set ensures that your tools don't hinder your artistic process; they enhance it.

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