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Large Brush Pen

Paul Brothers

Key Features:

Nylon Brush Tip: The brush pen is equipped with a durable nylon brush tip, ensuring a smooth and consistent flow of ink for your creative endeavors.
Round Brush for Layouts: The round brush provides versatility, making it ideal for creating entire artistic layouts and designs.
Long-Wear and Color Control: Experience long-lasting performance and excellent color control with every brush stroke. The filaments hold color effectively, releasing ink smoothly and evenly.

Product Specifications:

  • Brush Tip Material: Nylon
  • Pen Size: Large with a hair length of 1.7cm
  • Tip Types: Fine tip for details and round brush for layouts
  • Ink Refillable: Yes, with a refillable reservoir

Unleash your artistic vision with the Isomars Large Brush Pen. Whether you're creating detailed watercolor paintings or calligraphic masterpieces, this brush pen empowers you to express yourself with precision and creativity. Enjoy the control, versatility, and exceptional performance this tool provides in your artistic journey.

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