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Jewelry Design Template: Multi-Shaped

Paul Brothers

Key Features

Ample Space for Creativity: This template provides an expansive canvas for your creative expressions. Its size allows for the crafting of intricate and detailed designs.

Slight Flexibility, Maximum Control: While the template is slightly flexible, it maintains its shape during use. This balance between flexibility and control ensures that your designs turn out exactly as intended.

Versatile Design: This template is suitable for a wide range of art and craft applications. From jewelry design to illustration and card making, it empowers your creativity across various surfaces.

Multi-Shaped Creativity: Inside, you'll discover an array of shapes, including pears, rectangles, crosses, pentagons, circles, triangles, diamonds, and squares in various sizes. This diversity allows both beginners and experienced artisans to explore a multitude of design possibilities.

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions: 255 x 155mm
  • Thickness: 1mm

Whether you're a professional jewelry designer, an illustrator, or a craft enthusiast, the Isomars Jewelry Design Template: Multi-Shaped is your ultimate creative companion. Elevate your designs, illustrations, and craft projects with precision and style using this versatile and innovative tool. The possibilities are endless.

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