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Gridding Triangle

Paul Brothers

Key Features

Clear and Durable: Triangle is both transparent and robust. Its see-through design allows for precise positioning, ensuring that your lines and measurements are perfectly aligned.

Multiple Size Options: With two size options available (25cm/10" and 30cm/12"), you can choose the gridding triangle that best suits your specific needs and projects.

Versatile Application: This gridding triangle is not limited to fashion designers alone; it caters to a broad range of design disciplines. 

Product Specifications
  • Size Options: 25cm/10" and 30cm/12"
  • Material: Acrylic plastic
  • Color: Clear

Whether you're sketching fashion patterns, architectural blueprints, or interior layouts, this gridding triangle ensures that your lines and angles are sharp, your proportions are exact, and your creativity is unhindered.

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