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General Purpose Circle Template Combo

Paul Brothers

Key Features

All-in-One Drafting Solution: The Isomars General Purpose Circle Template Combo is a versatile set that includes a general purpose inking template and three French curves. This comprehensive package offers the essential tools for technical and pencil drawing.

Fine Details and Precision: Precision-cut with fine details, the template ensures accuracy in every line you draw. 

Perfect Circles: The set also includes the Isomars Large Circle Template, measuring 185 x 212 mm. It's a must-have tool for drawing consistent, perfectly round circles in a range of sizes.

Product Specifications
  • Combo Components: General purpose inking template, three French curves, and one large circle template
  • Material: Durable and transparent plastic 
  • Dimensions: The general purpose inking template measures 20 x 15 cm, and the large circle template is 185 x 212 mm

With its variety of shapes and precision tools, it caters to the needs of professionals, artists, and students alike. Whether you're creating intricate designs, technical drawings, or artistic masterpieces, this combo ensures that your work is accurate and visually appealing. Upgrade your drafting toolkit with this versatile and professional-grade set.

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