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Garment Ruler (45 cm)

Paul Brothers

Key Features

All-in-One Design: The Isomars Garment Ruler is a multi-functional tool that combines several curves, a straight edge, and a ruler into a single, comprehensive instrument.

Unbreakable, Flexible Plastic: Despite its seemingly flexible appearance, the Isomars Garment Ruler is made from transparent, flexible, and unbreakable plastic. 

Transparency for Precision: The ruler's transparency allows you to see the drawing medium below it, making it easy to position the ruler accurately and ensuring precision in your work.

Product Specifications
  • Ruler Type: Garment Ruler
  • Size: 45 cm
  • Material: Transparent Flexible Unbreakable Plastic

This all-in-one tool simplifies your creative process, ensuring precision and accuracy in every project. Whether you're a professional fashion designer, a skilled tailor, or a sewing enthusiast, this versatile ruler provides the tools you need to bring your fashion ideas to life with confidence and ease.

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