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Garment Ruler (35 cm)

Paul Brothers

Key Features

Multi-Purpose Design: Whether you're working on pattern alterations, garment modifications, or any project requiring precise curved or straight edges, this ruler is the ultimate solution.

Tailoring Perfection: Achieve professional-level results in your garment designs and alterations with the Isomars Garment Ruler. Its unique combination of curves and edges allows for precise and tailored designs.

Flexible Yet Durable: Crafted from transparent, flexible, and unbreakable plastic, this ruler may appear seemingly delicate but is built to withstand regular use. Its flexibility allows for easy maneuvering around curves while maintaining durability.

Product Specifications
  • Ruler Type: Garment Ruler
  • Length: 35cm (approximately 13.8 inches)
  • Material: Transparent Flexible Plastic
The Isomars Garment Ruler 35cm is the ultimate tool for fashion designers, patternmakers, and anyone working on garment design and alterations. Its innovative design and precise measurements make it an essential addition to your toolkit.

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