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Garment Patchwork Quilting Ruler (6" x 18")

Paul Brothers

Key Features

Clear Acrylic Construction: The transparency of the ruler allows you to see the underlying drawing medium, making it easy to align and position the ruler accurately.

Complete Accuracy and Symmetry: The ruler features precision-milled shapes and markings, ensuring that your cuts and measurements are perfectly accurate and symmetric.

Product Specifications
  • Type: Garment Patchwork Quilting Ruler
  • Dimensions: 6" x 18"
  • Material: Clear Acrylic
  • Rate of Transparency: High
  • Accuracy and Symmetry: Precision-milled shapes and markings
The Isomars Garment Patchwork Quilting Ruler (6" x 18") is your reliable companion for a wide range of sewing, quilting, and garment design projects. Its clear acrylic construction ensures transparency and durability, while precision-milled shapes and markings guarantee that your work is perfectly accurate and symmetrical.

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