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Flying Geese Ruler (6.5'')

Paul Brothers

Key Features

Easy to Use: It streamlines the process of cutting triangles for flying geese units, ensuring accuracy and ease in your quilting projects.

No Wasted Fabric: The ruler is thoughtfully designed to minimize fabric wastage. Its efficient design ensures that you can make the most of your fabric, resulting in cost-effective and environmentally friendly quilting.

Thick and Sturdy: Crafted from thick and sturdy materials, this ruler is built to last. It can withstand regular use without wear and tear, providing long-lasting durability for your quilting and crafting projects.

Product Specifications
  • Ruler Type: Flying Geese Ruler
  • Size: 6.5 inches
  • Ideal For: Quilters and Crafters

Whether you're an experienced quilter or a quilting enthusiast, this versatile ruler provides the tools you need to create accurately cut triangles for flying geese units and sawtooth stars. Trust in Isomars for quality and efficiency in your quilting endeavors, and bring your creative quilting ideas to life with confidence and precision.

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