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Fashion Designing Kit (Set of 11)

Paul Brothers

Key Features

Comprehensive Combo: The Isomars Fashion Products Kit is a comprehensive collection of 11 essential tools that cover various aspects of fashion design, garment construction, and pattern making.

Measuring, Cutting, and Designing: The kit includes a range of tools specifically designed for measuring, cutting, and designing garments, simplifying the entire garment creation process.

Sturdy Triangular Scale: The kit also includes a triangular scale made of sturdy cardboard, providing a reliable tool for precise measurements.

Product Specifications:
  • Materials: Ten products in the kit are made from high-quality virgin plastic. 
  • Versatility: The tools in this kit are suitable for a wide range of fashion-related tasks, including measuring fabric, creating patterns, shaping designs, and cutting materials.

Whether you're a seasoned fashion designer, a tailor, or an aspiring fashion student, this kit simplifies the process of creating well-fitted and stylish garments. With high-quality virgin plastic tools and a reliable triangular scale, you have the convenience and accuracy needed to excel in your fashion projects.

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