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Fashion Designing Kit (Set of 4)

Paul Brothers

Key Features

Versatility: The Isomars Fashion Designing Kit is a versatile set of tools suitable for a wide range of users, from students looking to hone their skills to seasoned professionals in the fashion industry.

Comprehensive Set: This kit includes four essential instruments, each serving a specific purpose in fashion design and pattern making.

Product Specifications
  • L-Scale (14"x24"): A large and precise scale ideal for drafting patterns and measuring fabric accurately.
  • Hip Curve (24"): A curved ruler designed to facilitate the smooth drafting of hip and waist curves, ensuring a precise fit.
  • Leg Curve (24"): This curved ruler assists in drafting leg curves for pants and skirts, helping you create well-fitting garments.
  • Straight Scale (24"): A versatile straight ruler for drawing straight lines and taking measurements, complete with clear markings.

The Isomars Fashion Designing Kit (Set of 4) is your go-to companion for fashion design projects, pattern making, and garment creation. Whether you're a student learning the ropes or a professional seeking reliable tools, this kit has you covered.

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